Meet The Cybersecurity People: Jenny Champeau

Posted by Jenny Champeau on Feb 18, 2022 2:34:49 PM
Jenny Champeau
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At IGI, we believe that the best cybersecurity tool ever invented is the human mind.

Our tagline "The Cybersecurity People" is meant to bring the focus to the talented team of cybersecurity professionals that work behind the scenes to solve problems and build solutions for our clients.

The right talent and expertise helps bridge the gaps left by a products-only approach or a strategy-only consultant. It’s our people, helping your people, to protect your business from bad people.

In this series, you'll get to meet the team of CISOs, analysts, consultants, and cybersecurity leaders that make up the IGI Cybersecurity team.

Meet The Cybersecurity People™ at IGI:

Name: Jenny Champeau     

Role: Director of Sales Strategy

Q: How did you come to find cybersecurity as a career?

A: My career has been centered around IT sales and marketing for more than 30 years. I like being on the leading edge and involved with technology that businesses view as critical.

Q: What’s your favorite part about working in cybersecurity?

A: I think that change is stimulating and I prefer to be in an environment with some unknowns. The nature of Cybersecurity more than checks that box—it’s evolving on a daily basis! And, as cybercriminals get bolder, we need to innovate quickly and continue to bring new solutions to the market.

Q: What has been your biggest challenge working in cybersecurity?

A: Recruiting is easily my #1 challenge. If you maintain a high bar, then it’s tough to find top-notch talent, no matter the field. However, finding “A-players” with technology sales experience and some background in cybersecurity is a tall order. It’s a growing field and the available talent hasn’t yet caught up to the demand.

Q: When you’re not helping our clients protect their networks and data, how do you spend your time?

A: As a new-ish empty nester, the absence of my kids’ travel sports leaves me with newfound time. My dogs get the most benefit of my attention, but I also spend time exercising and taking classes at the YMCA, being active on local trails and outside in general, as well as traveling with my husband of 30 years, Steve. I’ve recently started volunteering at the EquiCenter, a therapeutic horse facility that specializes in serving those with disabilities, veterans, and at-risk youth.

Q: IGI has team members across the country, where do you live and why do you love it there?

A: I was born in Brooklyn, but have spent my whole life in Rochester, NY. It’s a wonderful place to raise a family and offers access to lots of local culture, but I love it most for the surrounding area and proximity to places I like to visit like The Finger Lakes, The Adirondacks, New York City, Boston, Toronto, and the Eastern seaboard, to name a few.

Q: We’re all spending a lot more time at home. What’s your favorite thing you are reading or watching right now?

A: I’m all over the map. My 3 books in process are The Underground Railroad by Colson Whitehead, Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin (a gift from my son), and The Last Thing He Told Me by Laura Dave. I just finished Succession and am now going back to watch Schitt’s Creek and the rest of Ted Lasso. Looking forward to live performances again…music and theatre.

Q: Cats or dogs?

A: Big dogs. Always a pair, so they have a built-in friend.

Q: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

A: An eidetic memory. A result of my Jeopardy appreciation!


Watch our interview with Jenny to get to know her better: