Infinite Group Inc. Offers Free Trials of Nodeware™ Cybersecurity Solution

Posted by Megan Brandow on Mar 20, 2018 2:52:00 PM
Megan Brandow

All Organizations Can Now Try Nodeware Free for Two Weeks

PITTSFORD, N.Y., March 20,  2018 – Infinite Group Inc. (IGI) a leading IT and cybersecurity company based in Rochester, NY, has announced that it will now offer free two-week trials of its award-winning Nodeware™ security solution.

Nodeware helps protect organizations against critical cyber threats by identifying and analyzing their greatest risks and weaknesses, before hackers can take advantage of them. Organizations can easily understand their security risk level with Nodeware’s Network Health Score—an assessment of the number of vulnerabilities, their severity, and the likelihood of exploitation to plainly show you how their security posture measures up.

Two-week trials are now available to all organizations at no cost and without qualification. Trials are available through virtual machine—VMware or Hyper-V—and are limited to one per customer and for a single subnet.

“Nodeware continues to be recognized as an innovative new player in cybersecurity and risk management, and this growing interest in Nodeware has led us to give everyone the opportunity to try Nodeware and see the solution in action,” said Andrew Hoyen, COO of IGI. “The two-week trials will not only identify security gaps and help organizations address them, but also help them understand the benefits of continuous, automated vulnerability monitoring for 24/7 protection.”

During the two-week trial, customers will get to experience firsthand how Nodeware works in their environment, and even view and manage their network health in real time through the Nodeware portal. During the trial, users will have all the tools needed to remediate vulnerabilities and improve their Network Health Score.

To sign up for a free trial, visit or call 1-855-385-0610 for more information. If you’re interested in becoming a Nodeware partner, reseller, or agent and offering free trials to your customers, contact us at or by phone to learn more.


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