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One of the major aspects of law that land a majority of the automakers into trouble is diesel emissions. We have often come across news regarding the diesel emissions scandal by Volkswagen which has been going on for months now. I’m sure you must have wondered that why this scandal is such a big deal that the company had to cut down on its production to incur expenses of the same. The same issue has cropped up with another well known automaker. The General Motors lawsuit is very similar to what happened with Volkswagen. Let’s probe into this matter further to get a proper idea about its significance.

The General Motors lawsuit was filed on Thursday under the accusation of committing the diesel emissions scandal. After this, it has joined the long list of automakers that have been sued for the same. The government of each country sets a definite measurement of the emissions by a car into the atmosphere. This is in order to make sure that the car does not cause excessive harm to the environment. But various companies don’t stick to this mark due to reasons like better fuel efficiency, low productivity cost, cheaper parts, etc. To avoid any kind of trouble, the companies try to disguise these emission levels. The discovery of such malpractices then leads to such a lawsuit.

General-motors-lawsuit General-motors-lawsuit

In its defense, General Motors has claimed any such accusations as baseless.

A law firm in Seattle which has specialization in suing such automakers filed the General Motors lawsuit. This class-action lawsuit accused this American company of installing a certain program in some of its heavy-duty pickup trucks in order to cheat on diesel emission tests. Once the news about this scandal was out, there was a notable change in the share market as well. Even without the need of a verdict, the shares of the company went down by two percent. This itself shows that the automakers need to be wary of the emissions by their vehicles.

In its defense, General Motors has claimed any such accusations as baseless. It also released a statement stressing on the point that the company will defend itself in a vigorous fashion. The Seattle-based law firm has mentioned in the General Motors lawsuit that the trucks emit nitrogen oxide around two to five times more than the legal limit. This causes more pollution in the atmosphere than its contemporary trucks. In the long run, such vehicles can cause immense damage to our environment. One can ascertain whether these allegations are true or baseless once the court involved issues an order.

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