Beware of Goblins, Ghosts, and… Cheap Cybersecurity

Posted by Tyler Ward on Oct 31, 2019 9:55:33 AM

As a cybersecurity firm, we are regularly reviewing the solutions that our clients have paid for from other firms. What we have found is that many customers are overpaying for services that they don’t need or paying for a cheap service that masks itself as the “saving grace” for all their cybersecurity needs.

We’re raising the flag on this.

Does cybersecurity have to break the bank? No, absolutely not. However, price should not be the deciding factor when choosing a cybersecurity solution, technology, or trusted partner.

Hear me out.

If a cybersecurity firm is selling penetration tests for $1,000 or a security monitoring solution for $150 per month—beware. The cybersecurity boogeyman (yes, he’s real) is not going to be stopped because you’re paying $150 per month to an MSP that does next to nothing for you. While this may sound like a deal, you are getting exactly what you pay for.

Cybersecurity is a science that is fueling an entire industry of professionals, services, and products. There are real solutions and then there are the cheap alternatives. Paying a low price for a false sense of security can be one of the costliest mistakes that your organization could make.

Here’s what you should do when building or improving a cybersecurity program:

  • Establish a plan. This is the first step and should be based on trusted standards*.
  • Understand the definitions of cybersecurity solutions, services, and products and what they are each intended to do.
  • Properly weed out the pseudo cybersecurity companies from the legitimate ones.
  • Take action.

Nothing can replace the experience, expertise, and cybersecurity neutrality of a dedicated cybersecurity solutions provider. Being selective regarding your cybersecurity partner will pay dividends in the long-term.

At IGI, we encounter many new clients that are unsure of what they are paying for with their current providers. Part of our job is to review the current contracts that our clients hold with their IT security services providers, MSP’s, and other solutions partners. Our team often finds that our customers have been paying for services that they don’t need, services that do little to heighten security postures, or worse: services that are simply not being delivered. This type of cheap, drive-by cybersecurity is putting your customers, your employees, and your company at risk.

If you are unsure how to determine what your organization needs from a security or compliance perspective, consult with IGI review your existing infrastructure and formulate a detailed plan.

It’s Halloween; so look out for witches, goblins, and ghouls—but most importantly, beware of the cybersecurity solution boogeyman. IGI can help you outsmart him by lifting the veil on third-party solutions, reviewing your existing security contracts, and serving as your trusted cybersecurity advisor.

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